I Get By With a Little Help from…#TeamX2

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I received the X2 Performance along with compensation as a X2 Performance Blogger Ambassador. As always, you get my honest opinion, good, bad, sarcastic, free of charge.


Aside from the pain and limited mobility between injuries, the biggest hurdle to get over has been the mental frustration of how deconditioned my body has become being so inactive these past few months. I’m having to lift significantly less with most upper body exercises  because gripping anything aggravates my elbow, so I’m taking whatever help I can get. I have a topical gel, a forearm brace, wrist straps to help with my grip, and recently picked up a TENS unit and an assortment of FlexBars to get some home therapy going.


I’m still testing the waters with lower body exercises to make sure there’s no undue stress on my back, but even with my core engaged, I can feel it tighten early into my workouts. . I’ve been mobile enough to start running again, so that’s encouraging, but dang, that endurance thing has totally tanked. I keep a close eye on my heart rate and find myself working a lot harder even though I’m not moving with the speed I had before the start of the year.

Recently I was introduced to X2 Performance. What is it? Simply put, it’s a natural supplement designed to boost your training and endurance. If you’re like me and the data & science behind things piques your interest, check this out:

X²PERFORMANCE® helps the body generate and regenerate ATP, the natural resource all people use to boost and sustain energy levels, improve endurance and speed both in-and post-workout recovery. X²PERFORMANCE® fuels the energy-storing molecule known as ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), your body’s most fundamental need for any physical activity. ATP molecules provide the energy needed for muscular contraction and the cellular division essential to your body’s health and growth. ATP is equally essential to amino acid activation during protein synthesis, the process that helps your muscles recover from rigorous physical activity.

More disclosure: The statements on the product have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.


Their site provides you the breakdown of ingredients, but also how each plays a part in replenishing & helping rebuild ATP stores.

X2 Label
I stored them in my fridge as recommended (more for the flavor, than necessity as it tastes like a shot of orange juice which is obviously better cold than room temperature) and had one about a half hour before my workouts. I’ll be letting you know what I think of it (and I’m definitely a fan), but wanted to spread some love (and I’m running late as usual to meet the girls for a run).


You can get a free trial as well. With 4 servings provided, that’ll give you a good measure of how well it works and not leave you wondering if it was just a fluke of a good day :)
(Yes, it’s $5.95 for shipping, and totally worth it).

What about you – do you take a pre-workout before you hit the gym or head out for a run? Likes or dislikes for supplements? 




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  1. LOVE the boost it gives, agree girlie!

  2. I had good endurance with it…

  3. I loved my experience trying X2Performance…sorry to hear about your set backs but I hope this helps in a small way! :)

  4. Hmm. I always wondered do I need a pre-workout. Honestly, I don’t use any supplements right now, but this is quite interesting.

  5. I never thought to refrigerate it! I bet it tastes better like that! Great post shared on twitter

  6. Sorry about your injuries, it is definitely frustrating, I know first hand. My experience with X2 performance has been all positive and I am loving it. I hadn’t thought of refrigerating it, so my next shot will definitely be cold! Good luck!

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