Hump Day Run Club

Yesterday was a ton of fun. Milestone Running was hosting their weekly Wednesday run club and it just happened to fall on their one year anniversary. Oh, and of course, this. :) 650x160-nrd-header
I knew there would be some vendors, and figured there would be more than the usual number of runners not that I know what the usual crowd is like since I’ve never been to the store before, and it was a party alright.

National Running Day

I chatted with the Saucony rep and decided to take the new Ride 7 for a test run, but Altra, Brooks, New Balance, and Asics were also offering various kicks to try out for the night. They were all super friendly and knowledgeable. I wish I could’ve taken a few different pairs out for a run!


Other than my girlfriend who was kind enough to come along, I didn’t know anyone there. Thankfully, my familiar friend Nuun was on hand with a few friends.


There were a ton of people lining the street waiting for the run to start, and the chiropractor was just about done setting up so heck yeah I was gonna jump on that before all the post run sweatiness from everyone else he offered to do a little work on my back which is still ridiculously tight. He pointed out my left hip is higher than my right because it’s so tight and offered to do some A.R.T. (Active Release Therapy). Note the faces below: the bottom is me pointing out he needed to dig in a bit more, the top is me laughing because he promised he was putting in some good effort. Ha. Dr. Eric had a great sense of humor and pointed out my QL muscle (think lower back, attaching your rib/spine to your pelvis) felt like a steel rod. Yeah, definitely time to schedule some body work. Ha.


Milestone Running welcomes all levels of runners and offers a 3 or 5 mile option. Since I wrangled my friend into coming, we went with the 3 mile option and before we knew it, it was go time.


It was a great run through the hood, and I was impressed that my friend got her hustle on and had her fastest run ever! Full disclosure: We did turn off early and shaved about a half mile off the run due to her asthma giving her a kick in the lungs. Even still, she ran a good 2-3 minute pace faster than her usual. That’s a win in my book!

post run

Once everyone made it back, there was a street taco guy selling some legit eats, and free flowing beer from a keg (I passed on both while my friend enjoyed a cold one as her reward) and there were a TON of raffle prizes from all the vendors. Shoes, sleeves, and all kinds of product. One guy won a sports bra but lucky for him, they offered to give him a t-shirt instead. Hehe…


Unfortunately, I’m the dork that can’t follow basic instructions and put both halves of my raffle tickets in for the drawings. Oops. Of course, that didn’t mean I was about to go home empty handed. ;)


The whole evening was a blast, and a great way to change it up from my usual solo run around my hood. I’m thinking I’ll be back for a ‘regular’ run club night if I can get up the nerve to show up solo. Mentally, I always feel like odd man out not knowing anyone and assuming everyone there has to be faster than me. But I think my want for this shirt will be enough to bring me back. Ha!

MilesTone T

Next week is RoadRunner Sports Adventure Run. Anyone wanna come along? :)

Do you run with a club? Suggestions for a newbie that feels slower than the rest of humanity?

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  1. Melissa! Next time invite me! I will come with you. Looks like a blast!

  2. oooh, sounds fun! I always pass on the post-race food and beer. When I finish a race, all I want to do is drink water and go home. The food smells make me sick to my stomach. Such a bummer, because the idea of a beer & a taco at the finish line would probably make me run a little faster!

    • Finish line beer – or beer at all – just doesn’t ever appeal to me. I’m usually good to recover for about a half hour, then completely famished an hour later. :)

  3. Wow. Your run club looks fun. I am trying my local one out again on Weds and am nervous.

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