The Long Road Back

I’m back. Breathing in, and back. And that’s all I have to say about that. For now. If you remember from our last coffee date, I’d been keeping busy with other non-running things. I’ve been on the roller coaster of fitness as well, though. The year started off pretty well with a new plan and in just a few weeks of tweaking the meal plan, I could see big progress (with very little change on the scale!).

Unfortunately, the week I snapped this pic, I also snapped my elbow.

rice crispy
Ok, not exactly, but seriously, if feels like I may have. Have you ever had tennis elbow? Yeah, it totally sucks, to say the least. I woke up one morning thinking I’d just slept on my arm funny, but sleeping like a pretzel never makes it so you can’t even lift your coffee cup. When you can’t lift your coffee cup, that’s a life crisis about to happen (can I get a witness?!?!) All attempts of resting, bracing, seeing my doc, acupuncture – everything – was not helping. At least I could still do legs & work on my core, right? Oh wait, never mind. A few weeks later, I was down with a back spasm. What. the. heck. So I couldn’t lift and I couldn’t walk. Someone get me a cane and put me in a home already, yeah? My dear husband is a trooper, supporter, and (unfortunately) an enabler when it comes to something he can’t fix. Cue all the non-plan-comfort-food. And here I am.

Bathing Suits
Sigh. Thankfully I don’t really care so much about anyone’s opinions of what I look like in a bathing suit, but aside from the ten pounds I’ve gained (yes, 10, well hidden pounds), I definitely see the atrophy & the loss of muscle gain being down this last two months. If you’re even remotely active on a regular basis, two months is tiptoeing the line of insanity pretty darn close, wouldn’t you say?

I’ve slowly been trying to do more of this:

And even a little bit of this:

hot chocolate run

And a lot less of this:

HC post run

This week I found my mojo with this Boston Strong group (you can read about last year’s epic run here & here):


And even made my way back to the gym:


It’s been a rough go, and I’m still¬† very far from anything I would call recovered or pain free, but I’m a work in progress. Places to go, goals to hit.


Faster. Better. Greater. Stronger. Don’t count me out yet.

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  1. Good for you and as a recent observer, those 10 must be REALLY well hidden! :) xx

  2. Great job Melissa! I have to say that some of your pictures above had me laughing out loud! :)

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