ProCakes Protein Pancakes {Review}


Disclaimer: I was sent a sample of ProCakes to review and provide my honest opinion. No other compensation was provided and if they were gross, I would tell you. It kinda feels like the days are getting kinda repetitive lately with lots of time spent at various doctor offices. I’m still going to therapy for my elbow on the reg and and since I’d had my boobie appointment last week, I figured I would change things up and get my {Read More}

Hulk Smash


If you follow me on Facebook, you may have caught something like this other morning… Maybe an overshare? Meh, I’ve always said I’m an open book, so whatevs. With the variety of injuries and bodily stuff I’ve had going on, I told Mr. Running It that I kinda feel like a car going through it’s 60k service. I’ve had X-rays on multiple body parts, had the usual blood work done, and just for kicks have had some tests done that {Read More}

Funky Town


No? Yeah, didn’t think so. I’ve been at a few blogger events recently and the same conversation happens every time: So you’re a blogger? Yes..{trail off with hesitation} And what’s your blog? Well, it’s called Melissa Running It, though I don’t really know what I’m running these days.  Yeah, my life these days. For a while, I thought I’d settled into my niche as a running blogger. 2014 started with some change as I added more strength training and didn’t sign up to run every race under the sun {Read More}

Hump Day Run Club


Yesterday was a ton of fun. Milestone Running was hosting their weekly Wednesday run club and it just happened to fall on their one year anniversary. Oh, and of course, this. I knew there would be some vendors, and figured there would be more than the usual number of runners not that I know what the usual crowd is like since I’ve never been to the store before, and it was a party alright. I chatted with the Saucony rep {Read More}



I’ve been adding more runs to my workouts over the past few weeks. Partly because my body isn’t healed up enough to lift as heavy as I would like, and more importantly partly because I miss my running peeps. Over Memorial Day weekend, I met up with my running group and we ran up to the Mt. Soledad Memorial. It was one long hill, but totally worth it for the view, not to mention remembering the sacrifices so many have made {Read More}

#TeamX2 Performance Progress

X2 Performance

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I received the X2 Performance along with compensation as a X2 Performance Blogger Ambassador. As always, you get my honest opinion, good, bad, sarcastic, free of charge. Heading into my SIXTH month of tennis elbow and making slow progress with getting my back stronger again, I’ve been able to get back to working out more consistently. Nothing too heavy that would risk any setbacks, but it has felt good to be able to keep up a more {Read More}

On Life & Change


“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.” ~ Maya Angelou Maya Angelou was 86 when she passed away this morning. A beautiful person and a life well lived by someone who had a difficult childhood and grew up in a tumultuous time, to say the least. My life is certainly nothing to be compared to hers, but I love the quote above.  We’ve had lots of {Read More}

All About the Recovery {#FuelYourBetter}


Disclaimer: As a Fit Approach Ambassador, I received Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator as part of the Fuel Your Better campaign in exchange for an honest review. I’m slowly making my way back into getting active again, but I know I’m still all about the recovery. I’m working on recovering from this tennis elbow & a back spasm that have plagued me for months, and it’s been great being able to get back to moving and lifting these past couple of weeks. {Read More}

What I Know About Tennis

Tennis Elbow

Jack squat. End of post. Ha! What I do know, however, is way more than I would like about this nagging little thing called Tennis Elbow, or lateral epicondylitis for you smart types. Back in January, I started on a new fitness plan. I was tired from all the #13in2013 running and life. I needed to change things up and wanted to get back to more lifting to give my body a break from all the running and actually have breakfast with my family on {Read More}

Be Informed – #Touch&Know Home Test Kit


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post from Touch&Know™. As always, my opinions and the emotional roller coaster of parenting are all of my own makings.  Taking a detour from the running & workouts today (or the lack thereof), and sharing a bit from the home front. I usually keep the mr. and the kiddos off the interwebs, but if we’ve met, odds are you’ve heard me utter the phrase, this has been the hardest year. ever.  when it comes to the parenting realm, {Read More}